Inukshuk Shelf


“It is probably one of the simplest, most elementary ways of assembly, to set one part atop another. I’ve always been fascinated by Inukshuks. As one travels across the Canadian Artic, one will see piles of rocks and slabs of stones built up to resemble the shape of a person with arms stretching out. These primitive looking structures are put up by the Inuit people and serve as markers or signposts to help guide the Inuit through the treeless tundra of the region. The stones are secured through balance. Each one supports the one above it and is supported by the one below it. Together, the stones achieve strength through unity. We learn to stack things as soon as we learn to sit up. There is a formality to the stacking – the combinations are as vast as the rocks one finds to create the Inukshuk… but it always in the end becomes a familiar presence.”

-Scot Laughton

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