Delano Chair – Pony


I’ve always felt that furniture trends may come and go, but solid modernist design is forever — the Delano chair, designed by David Podsiadlo for Toronto based Gus Modern, is no exception.

Available in a blind-tufted leather or an untufted cowhide (pictured above), the Delano’s clean lines and simple stainless steel frame make it equally suited for the offices of an architecture firm, the wide-open spaces of a West-end loft or the cozy living quarters of a Cabbagetown Victorian.

I’ve had the pleasure of sitting in a number of Delano’s over the last couple of years (in an architecture firm, a West-end loft, and a Cabbagetown Victorian), and the Delano succeeds where so many modernist pieces don’t by being just as comfortable as it is attractive.

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