Clairtone Stereo Cabinet

clairtoneclairtone stereoStewf

Beautiful modern stereo, hi-fi cabinet of veneered teak with brass hardware manufactured by the Clairtone Sound Corporation, Ltd., Toronto, CA. This is a great piece of vintage equipment, the tube amp (with EL 84 tubes) and Garrard turntable will bring out the warm, rich analog tones of your vinyl LPs. Audiophiles everywhere know that digital sound reproduction falls just a bit short; it just can’t compare to analog sound!

Tight wood grain throughout, with a rich, dark patina. Hinged top opens to reveal the turntable and main control console which Clairtone designed for expandability; inputs are provided for external speakers, TV, tape deck, etc. Cloth-covered stereo speakers are hidden by sliding panel doors when not in use. The cabinet rests sturdily on the splayed legs.

Dimensions: 62 in. long x 18 in. deep x 27 1/2 in. tall.

Stew F

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