Bite Me Chair


Adding to the massive pile of pink blobjects, almost shockingly we are presented with another one. With an unpleasant and confusing name, perhaps a call out to the design press who have grown tired of this style, Rashid appears to be dipping back into his well of shapes. A short list of forms that by this time seem more connected to the past than to the future. Even the seat pan features one of his karimglyphics as a drain hole.

Obviously convinced that the zoomorphic style still has currency, or that the design public is not savvy enough to notice, or that brand Karim still matters, xO has decided to roll this out to the marketplace. Which honestly must be getting rewarded with press and sales, or they would not be doing it.

The reality is that the soft and approachable form is quite pleasant and usable, can be used indoors or out, is available in a range of colours (including Rashid’s second go to colour, florescent lime), and the material choice is thankfully recyclable but not biodegradable, and will still take centuries to break down.

I am a fan of a large part of this savvy designers work, but I am getting weary of the bottomless volume of work that seems to have all been created in the same afternoon. I am looking forward to the time when the designer will unlock his vast experience and volumes of serious product designing skills to create meaningful work, embracing real issues and the genuine needs of the cultures we represent.

We have gotten glimpses of the designers sharp vision and sensibility, and want more.


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