Alumna Desk

Manufacturer: , Montreal, QC
Date: 1961

Benoît Béland Collection

Photo: Benoît Béland Collection

Originally created for Alcan’s head office, the Alumna desk is distinguished by its extruded aluminum legs, which are slotted to secure the frame and side panels. This patented system meant that all of the components could be finished prior to assembly.

“Alcan initially specified over twelve hundred desks for executives and general staff, convincing Art Woodwork, its manufacturer, to invest in tooling to produce the furniture commercially. Advancing the aluminum component industry for the furniture market, the innovative series boosted confidence in Canadian design know-how. Sunar Industries bought the manufacturer in the mid-sixties, offering the design with woodgrain tabletops for another decade.” – Design in Canada

Judging by the woodgrain top, this is likely on of the later Sunar models. (The lamp is vintage Lotte and of course the chair is Herman Miller).

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M.Choko, P.Bourassa and G.Baril, Le design au Québec: industriel, graphique, de mode (Montreal: Les Editions de l’Homme, 2003)

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