The PaperFold


For now, the phablet craze has pretty much wrapped its oversized arms around a substantial part of the technology world. While the small-is-big ideology isn’t really given a second thought today, we could soon be welcoming home a new type of smart device that works as a smartphone, a tablet and even a mini laptop! Scientists have successfully managed to create a prototype of a foldable smartphone that can be unfolded into a tablet and a notebook. Using three flexible electrophoretic screens and lots of hinges, this shape-changing smartphone is currently being called the PaperFold.

Dr Vertegaal, a professor in the School of Computing and Director of the Human Media Lab at Queen’s University, Canada, says, “In PaperFold, each display tile can act independently or as part of a single system. It allows multiple device form factors, providing support for mobile tasks that require large screen real estate or keyboards on demand, while retaining an ultra-compact, ultra-thin and lightweight form factor.”

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