Radio Canada

This little prototype attracted a lot of attention at IDS10 last week. Obviously inspired by the CBC’s iconic logo, Radio Canada also pays homage to the national broadcaster’s dedicated listening audience. With a tuner hidden on the bottom of the radio, users can preset their local CBC stations. Once programmed, the radio’s oversized toggle switch flips between Radio One and Radio Two – because what else do you need? (Actually, the radio is compatible with your MP3 player too, so it can also play those Radio 3 podcasts you downloaded.) Appropriately, the case itself is constructed from maple and aluminum, which are both local and loaded with national narrative.

Conceived from the ground up to cater to a niche audience, this design is a direct challenge to the prevailing trend of mass-appeal-products. However, it’s hardly alone in this approach as even major manufacturers are creating locally tailored products (Nike, T-Fal, etc.) and targeting small, but fervent markets (think pre-iPod Apple and hybrid cars). In this light, it will be interesting to see if and how this design is translated for production.

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