Plasticase Nanuk 920 Case


Further to last week’s post about the Plasticase luggage: I just got a Nanuk 920 (shown) to transport my DSLR camera and two of my lenses. The tank-like design of this line of protective cases claims to withstand the harshest environments and abuse. Inspired by (and named after) the polar bear, these tough cases boast features like a waterproof seal, padlockable latches and an integrated auto-pressure valve. The injection-molded resin exterior means this isn’t the lightest case on the market (frequent flyers take note) but that just adds to the rugged feel. And as an added feature the cubed-foam interior is customizable, so your precious cargo is nice and snug as it bounces around the luggage compartment.

Part of me is still trying to resist tossing it off a cliff just to test its limits…

Jacob Sharrard

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