Muse Headband


A wearable technology product that connects your thoughts to your computer. The US$299 device will be able to measure brain activity and a paired mobile app is designed to help train users to calm their frazzled minds on command.

“A lot of people worry, ‘Can it read my thoughts?’ but if you think about it like a heart rate monitor, when your heart beats fast you can’t tell if it’s because you just ran a mile or because a pretty girl walked by. But knowing how fast your heart is beating tells you things that helps you exercise better or can help you with all sorts of stuff. In the same way, we can measure general patterns in the brain of how much it’s getting active or calm or things on that sort of level. There’s a lot of benefits. The No. 1, I think, is relieving stress and helping you relax, being able to slow your mind down, give yourself a pause and take a break.”


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