Ingraham Canadian Clocks (Four types)

Photo: Courtesy The Canadian Clock Museum, Deep River, Ontario

During a recent junk store dig I was thrilled to unearth a gem from my formative years: an electric Ingraham Canadian Clock Co. wall clock in the exact style I grew up with (and glanced at daily for about twenty years). Ingraham’s parent company was based in Bristol, Connecticut and dated back to the 1860s or so, but there was a factory in Toronto from around 1949 to at least 1980. The starburst and ship’s wheel wall clocks pictured here are more design savvy than my beloved Ingraham (now humming away on my wall). Though the company’s clocks were likely designed in the States some Canadian-theme versions were produced…like The Westerner and The Mountie animated wind-up alarm clocks, pictured side by side below. They probably date back to the 1950s and came with plastic molded or metallic cases.

Many thanks to Allan Symons of The Canadian Clock Museum in Deep River, Ontario for providing information.

-Kelly Gadzala

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