Starburst Clocks

snider-1950s-star-rods-glass-electric-wall-clock.jpg snider-1950s-star-rods-glass-electric-wall-clock-tccm.jpgPhoto: Courtesy The Canadian Clock Museum, Deep River, Ontario

These early Snider ‘Starburst’ clocks would have competed with similar designs by American owned rivals Westclox and Ingraham. As you can see, the body of both clocks is the same, but Snider was able to create many different styles, simply by varying the pattern of brass plated rods. Later, Snider created special assembly jigs to increase efficiency and achieved even greater design variation by incorporating wood and bent metal elements.

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–  A brief history of the Snider Clock Corporation and Snider Clock Mfg. Co.,  The Canadian Clock Museum,  

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