DreamQii PlexiDrone


Starting up with a crowd-funding effort of $470,000 the company is building a future on mini drones.  The 2.2-pound PlexiDrone is can assembled and disassembled easily by with a snap-together construction. Rotor arms, landing gear and camera mount all detach from the central hub and stow in a specially designed hard-shell backpack for transport. The system can then be reassembled on-site within a minute. The Canadian-made drone also features a number of handy features for prospective aerial cinematographers. Controlled via either an iOS, Android or Windows-based mobile device, the DreamQii’s drone allows for standard waypoint-style programming but also incorporates a GPS-enabled “follow-me” option. Pressing a button in the drone’s companion PlexiGCS app tells the drone to follow behind, above, in front or to the left or right of the controlling smartphone’s location.





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