Clairtone Ghetto Blaster


Long before iPods and Walkmans, there was a time when music was a social experience, not just an individual practice enjoyed only through the pea sized ear buds of today. In this day, massive decks took the tunes out to the street. This was the era of dudes shouldering a large ghetto blaster and setting up flattened sheets of cardboard to bust the latest break dance moves. The bigger the box, the more status it carried, and this one must have carried a lot of status, and giant D batteries!

Clairtone was late into this market, which was dominated by the players from Japan, but made up ground by producing one of the biggest cassette decks ever on the market. This whole experience was short lived, eventually destroyed and replaced by the smaller (and more individual) experiences and ways that we consume music today.

This is a true kick back product.


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