Canada Speaks to the World


“On February 25, 1945, a new international broadcast service made its debut on the world scene. It was a time of war between nations but with the promise of peace in sight. In those dark but hopeful times the voice of Prime Minister W. L. Mackenzie King welcomed the world to a new shortwave service dedicated to projecting a Canadian view of life and events. Thus was born the CBC International Service, now known as Radio Canada International.” (RCI Website)

For most of the late 60s and early 70s this billboard sat by the side of the Trans-Canada Highway just east of Sackville, NB. Just beyond this billboard a massive maze of antennas, aerials, and towers (the tallest higher than a 30-storey building) make up the Sackville Relay Station. Built by Radio Canada International (the international broadcasting service of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) between 1943 and 1945, and broadcasting a Canadian view of life and events to the world ever since, the Sackville Relay Station remains the only high power shortwave relay station in Canada.

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