Bunaco Speaker

Nendo developed the speaker with Bunaco – a company based in the Aomori prefecture of Japan, which utilises the area’s abundance of beech trees for its products.

The design of the speaker sees a thin strip of the beech material coiled around a small speaker. Both of these components are then encased within an acrylic cylinder.

The tail of the coiled strip is left to dangle through the middle of the speaker, disguising a white power cable while also showcasing the craftsmanship behind the design.

“To accentuate the beauty of Bunaco’s woodwork, the speaker is supported with a transparent acrylic cylinder,” said Nendo.

“The clear base makes it possible to see the unfinished edge that is left curling from the bottom, enabling users to intuitively understand the speaker’s structure as well as the craftsmanship invested in its production.”

Nendo’s aim was to exploit the sound-absorbent nature of beechwood.

“In addition to its use in various applications such as bowls, decorative goods and lighting fixtures, this technique is also tested for wireless speakers,” said Nendo.

“As a result of the shape of the internal cavities, fine steps, and the sound absorbing qualities of the beech wood, it has been proven to produce a uniquely clear and soft tone.”

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