BlackBerry 6210 Mobile


Since its launch in 1999, the BlackBerry has undergone some pretty substantial design shifts. As Time Magazine put it in 2002, “We remember the BlackBerry when it was a popular beeper-size, mini-keyboard-equipped pager that allowed users to send and receive email wirelessly almost anywhere. Two years ago, it grew a bigger screen for Web browsing and appointment booking. Finally, last week, the BlackBerry PDA 5810 sprouted a cell phone. Now it’s all grown up.”

The first PDA to integrate cell phone functionality (earpiece and microphone) into the device itself (the 5810 required a headset) and the first BlackBerry that was actually blue, the 6210 is the archetypal ‘CrackBerry’; quickly emerging as the business standard and a loathed/loved social phenomenon.

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