Blackberry Passport


With this device, BlackBerry has created its own niche market. You won’t find any university students using this. Don’t expect the passport to be your go-to for selfies, or your music player at the gym. The Passport is a completely different feel when you pick it up, it felt like I was picking up a sexy new twist to the original Gameboy and that’s a compliment.

The screen is one of such elegance, that it even made the most diehard iPhone user smile. It’s got one of the sharpest screens out there and the UI that felt cramped on the Q10 now is unleashed in a fashion that renders you hopelessly in love. It’s not the traditional screen. You want to type. On the left and right sides, it very gently curves down as it goes to meet the side. It’s nothing that would change the looks of the phone, but it feels nicer. More buttery.

Via the excellent Crackberry.

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