Christmas Year of the Child 15¢ 17¢ 35¢

Christmas is a time to think about family and particularly children. Designed to celebrate the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Child, these stamps remind us that children have a right to affection, love and understanding; to adequate nutrition and medical care; to free education; to full opportunity for play and recreation; to a name and a nationality; to special care, if handicapped; to be among the first to receive relief in times of disaster; to learn to be a useful member of society and to develop individual abilities; to be brought up in a spirit of peace and universal brotherhood; to enjoy these rights, regardless of race, colour, sex, religion, national or social origin. The Christmas commemorative issue for 1979 is devoted to antique toys. Arnaud Maggs, Toronto designer and photographer, has used brightly coloured backgrounds to set off the playthings of another era: a knitted doll (35¢), presently in the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.

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