Monolith Custom Drum Kit

Monolith drums were started by Bill Hibbs who was friends with Jerry Mercer the original drummer for April Wine. Bill Hibbs was also into car racing and had fabricated race car parts out of carbon fiber. Bill’s access to raw carbon fiber and molds allowed him to start building drums out of carbon fiber. Jerry’s visibility with AW allowed the drums to be road and studio tested extensively and gave Monolith drums exposure to a market beyond Canada.

They are incredible sounding and unlike anything else – maybe a cross between maple and acrylic shells with the loud properties of Vistalites and the warmth of maple and phenomonal sustain.

The name “Monolith” comes from the fact that these drums are solid shell drums not plied. One other attribute is they are insanely light weight. So that’s a plus when carrying the drums to gigs.

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