Maple Leaf 32¢

maple-leaf-stamp-canada.jpg© Canada Post Corporation {1981}. Reproduced with Permission

Raymond Bellemare‚Äôs lovely maple leaf design would have been quite familiar to Canadians by the release of this stamp in 1983 (despite the 1982 copy write). The design first appeared in 1981 and was re-issued in various denominations in ’82 and again in ’83. Ironically, in an attempt to negate the need for such reprints, the original design featured a letter A in lieu of a numerical value; a historic first (Canada Post, Postage Stamp Press Release, 1981). Presumably, the non-denominated stamp was considered a failure (perhaps because international regulations limited the stamp to domestic use), as this approach would not be repeated until the introduction of PERMENENT stamps in 2006.

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