Larrivee RS-4 Solidbody Electric Guitar


Out of all of the acoustic guitar builders who have added solid body electric guitars to their line in recent years, Jean Larrivee has to be the most experienced. For seven years in the ’80s, Jean switched production largely to solidbody electrics and produced a very respected line that included the bolt-on-neck LS & LT series, as well as a very well received neck-thru RS series that culminated in the RS-4 with carved highly flamed maple tops. Even though the shop had a lot of fun creating sometimes wild new body styles and graphic finishes, these were very serious musical instruments that displayed all of the attention to detail that has distinguished Jean’s work throughout his long career.

Sorry folks, but it just doesn’t get any better than this … 8.05 pounds of resonant electric guitar that tucks in tight to your body, with a comfortable rib contour, fast-feeling neck, premium hardware and to-die-for electronics. Why am I not surprised that once again Jean Larrivee has entered the solid body electric market with such a strong contender!

Via the The Twelfth Fret.

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