Japan Expo ’70 Japon 25¢

© Canada Post Corporation {1970}. Reproduced with Permission

“The enthusiastic participation of the governments and people of the world in Canada’s Expo 67 makes it fitting that our country should undertake to play a prominent role in Japan’s Expo 70, Asia’s first World Exposition. Our four pavilions, erected by the Government of Canada and the Governments of the Provinces of British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec, represent the largest number of structures built by any country, other than Japan. It is in recognition of this four-fold participation that the Canada Post Office has prepared four commemorative stamps, three of which associate the provincial floral emblems with the symbol of Expo 70, a stylized cherry blossom the five petals of which symbolize the five continents. Centred in the symbol a circle representing the sun of Japan. Canada’s fourth stamp associates the Expo 70 symbol with that of our Centennial year World Fair in 1967”.

– Library and Archives Canada

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