Canadian Woods Series 52¢


Originally designed for the OFF/CUT exhibit with the Canadian Wood Council in mind, these thin wooden stamps were proposed to celebrate the council’s 50th anniversary. Obviously, the grain of the wood itself becomes the illustrative/graphic element of the stamp, so each stamp is completely unique, celebrating the beauty and qualities of the material itself. The plan was to create even more variation by using a number of Canadian wood species (for each denomination), a sort of educational component, which would be explored further in the packaging of full sheets/sets. The use of actual wood, raises the value of the stamps, becoming an instant global collectible, and bringing considerable brand value/word of mouth marketing to the client (and to Canada Post).

Using high speed manufacturing technologies and Canadian thin sliced veneer, it was believable that they could be produced in the numbers needed for Canada Post to actually launch them. In the end, regretfully, they don’t slot easily into Canada Post’s usual way of working and remain conceptual. Damn, Canada can be such a tough place to innovate in.

Part of the Lint Picking Exhibition.

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