Canadian Colour Palette Postage Collection Proposal

Colour drives so much of our national identity. Natural elements like glowing fall colours, shades of winter whites, golden seas of grain, mossy greys of the Canadian Shield, bright azure lakes, and crystal blue skies. The urban hues of new concrete and vintage stone, sports teams, cultural landmarks, and infrastructure. These are the colours of our places, and clearly evoke unique regions across our vast nation.

Simple, yet bold and shareable, the collection was created using an innovative process that captures the chromatic identity of Canadian cities. The colours were selected from the most popular digital images of each capital city, the snapshots that people made while visiting the locations. The final sets form an individual identity for each city. “There’s something very Canadian about it. The images are stripped of nationalism, speaking a global language, highly localized and beautiful.“1 The colour itself is the star and place marker. This series will have broad appeal for Canadians of all stripes, and offer fresh way to see our nation

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