Canada Winter Games Torches




The caribou antler, traditional carving techniques and design of this torch are definitely outside the usual slick approaches for Olympic torch design, but who cares when the departure is so interesting.

“Each carving contains three elements: an animal significant to the respective Territory, the Canada Games Maple Leaf logo with an addition of three veins to represent the three territories who have joined together to host the Games, and an element containing 13 parts to signify the Provinces and Territories that make up Canada. The Yukon Torch features a raven overlooking 13 mountain tops of the northern boreal forest; the Northwest Territories Torch sports a polar bear clambering onto secure footing from an ice pan breaking up into 13 pieces; the Nunavut Torch displays the narwhal with tusk passing through the Canada Games Maple Leaf logo, swimming amongst 13 ocean waves”.

A fitting design for the Canada Winter Games, they all feel completely Canadian and reflect the image of the host city, Whitehorse, YK.

-Todd Falkowsky

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