1/12 Scale Custom 1970 Ski Doo Nordic 399E Models


Not quite autos but definitely vintage! As a child I built the MPC Vintage 1/12 scale 1969 & 1971 Ski Doo's and a custom built 1969 to 1970 conversion 1969 Ski Doo nordic 371 kit so this was a trip down model building memory lane. MPC Vintage 1/12 scale 1969 & 1971 Ski Doo's and a custom built 1969 to 1970 conversion only manufactured two plastic 1/12th Ski Doo kits that I am aware of and here are a few pictures of my freshly built snowmobile models. I have also just completed a custom conversion of a 1969 Ski Doo Nordic 371 into a 1970 Ski Doo Nordic 399 to go with my two stock built kits. The Stock kits are a 1969 Ski Doo Nordic 371 and a 1971 Ski Doo TNT 775. I found the kits un-built on E-Bay. I built the two stock kits to their original level of detail level in part because of their vintage value. The custom 1970 has some added details though. All Three kits are finished as close to the real original snowmobiles as I could determine from vintage photos found online.

For the custom build 1970 Ski Doo Nordic 399E. After finding and purchasing an unbuilt 1969 Nordic kit on Ebay with a few missing parts I found another built kit with even more missing parts but at least it that had 3 parts that I needed! Then with a complete kit to work with I began the process of converting the stock 1969 Nordic 371 Nordic into a 1970 Nordic 399E. Outside of the obvious and big differences to the hood the changes look minimal on the rest but were rather extensive in the end. Scratch built emblems on the rear backrest replaced the decals in the original kit. The engine had to be narrowed as the modifications to the dash console make it reach deeper into the engine bay covering part of the engine. This also included a new scratch built belt guard. Since the conversion likely removed the vintage value of the kit I added a few more details not included in the kit like the detailed bogie wheel centers, actual open air vents in the hood, throttle- brake levers, cables, opening headlight, Choke knob and headlight hand lever. Lastly I added a more realistic looking tow hook because (as you can see on the other two models) the tow hooks in the kits grossly disproportioned. The handlebars and the rear hand grip bars are somewhat disproportioned & fat looking to the real machines but I decided to leave them in the model.

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