“Short Fuse” by Black Lips – Music Video

Canadian expat, Chris Taylor (AKA Throne Boogie) has created a lot of memorable illustrations for the likes of Vice and MTV. Here he brings them to life for the Black Lips and manages to create something that feels authentically vintage, while staying true to his own recognizable style.

…according to Chris Taylor, who animated the psychedelic clip. “ ‘Short Fuse’ is an homage to American and Japanese cartoons from the ’60s and ’70s,” he says. “The series of events in the video are a literal representation of the song’s lyrics.”

The video is packed with retro charm, and is indeed quite literal (the lyric “Hey, Mr. Postman” is accompanied by a mailman). There’s marching sticks of TNT, a cracked-up Humpty Dumpty flying through trippy squares of color and even little cartoon versions of the band — click above to check out it out, and if you’re sensitive to seizure-inducing Japanese anime, beware around the three-quarter point.  – Rolling Stone

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