Steezle Shopping App

“Steezle is a mobile application that showcases the best brands, products and styles in Toronto fashion. Utilizing swipe technology, Steezle’s online marketplace allows users to find and buy the latest and best products, all from the comfort of their own mobile device. Steezle’s fun, interactive, safe and easy-to-use platform brings together the coolest brands with the people who love them.

Steezle launched in May 2018 for iPhone and Android, and currently has over 40 partner brands. Steezle is focused on products including: fashion, accessories, jewelry, lifestyle products and art. Steezle, in the future, looks to expand to major urban areas across Canada and US in the next 12 months. Steezle combines Kijiji’s focus with a Tinder-like mobile experience—except you always match with what you want, and the clothes always match.”

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