Prorogue Bay

The Pirate Bay (one of the world’s largest BitTorrent trackers) has a storied history of throwing its weight behind causes it believes in by featuring custom header images on its landing page (not unlike Google’s themed logos). These header images are often acerbic, witty, and, most importantly, seen by a massive global audience that, though often strongly idealogical, may not be keeping up with the ongoing affairs of Canadian politics.

Today’s header image, titled ‘Prorogue Bay’, is aimed squarely at Harper and his most recent subjugations of the democratic process. The image features a caricature of Harper storming through the Canadian Parliament buildings with the subtitle ‘Hoist Your Sales…for the 2nd wave.’ Clicking on the image takes users to a message board hosted on which invites Canadians to voice their opinions on prorogation and its (mis)usage in contemporary politics.

While it’s impossible to gauge the impact of a gesture such as this, it’s certainly encouraging to see issues of Canadian parliament under scrutiny in a context so far outside the usual echo chamber.


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