Give It Up For Earth Day

This year, Earth Day Canada has challenged us to change our behaviour starting this month. The easy to navigate Give It Up mini-site encourages us to take one or all of four specific actions: eat a meatless vegetarian or vegan diet; buy nothing new; turn off the TV and get outside; cut out toxic chemicals from your home. We’re given the tools to make a commitment (1 week to 4 weeks to year long), good, practical reasons for making the changes (with some easy to digest stats to back them up), a blog with tons of tips on how to, some great endorsements from some notable folks, and some incentives (beyond a clearer conscience and a healthier environment) to boot.

I’m not sure where you’d hang your “I won’t use toxic cleaners” hanger, and the graphic design isn’t mindblowing. But encouraging humans to change their behaviours and be more mindful of their impact on the environment is a worthy endeavour.


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