Wayward Arts Magazine Issue 2

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Some of the most exciting meetings of politics, art and design have come about at the hands of social and cultural upheaval. From the all-encompassing Russian avant-garde to German expressionism, history overwhelmingly proves that counterculture and forward-thinking art and design go hand in hand. Blok, a Canadian studio specialising in identities, exhibition and editorial design, was recently invited to design a counterculture-themed issue of Wayward Arts magazine.

For the new issue of the non-profit magazine, the studio teamed up with cultural anthropologist Dr. Bob Deutsch to put the subject in sharper focus. The result illuminates winning examples of radical architecture, conceptual art, experimental theatre and graphic design throughout the 20th Century, which are brought together in the blue and orange risograph-printed publication.

Blok writes: “The issue is a celebration of what happens when art, politics and design come together to change history, and an expression of our belief that design is at its best when it serves society.”


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