Hypergraphia Magazine (First Issue)


Launched to coincide with the New York debut of the Cabin exhibit, Hypergraphia presented a background of Canadian cultural identity, and helped to build the narrative and history of the exhibit.  Turning the tables on the designer/media dynamic, championing the perspectives of experts and layman alike, and embracing the clash between ‘good design’ and popular taste, the premiere issue of Hypergraphia  joyfully flouted convention.

Five years later, the seed of this initial publishing experiment has evolved into a number of distinct entities including The CANADIAN DESIGN RESOURCE, Souvenir Shop, and more. Watch for Hypergraphia Issue 2, coming soon…

“Hypergraphia offers fresh perspectives on culture and design in a world that is sorely in need of radical new ideas. We are witnessing a design renaissance in Canada and it is rooted in environmental awareness, a pioneering mentality and a unique global purview. Hypergraphia is doing an amazing job of channeling this into thoughtful, readable and beautifully designed package.” – Troy Young, CMO, VideoEgg, San Fransisco

“In an often oversaturated and egocentric world of Design-zines, Hypergraphia breaks the bubble with an authenticity and squeaky clean freshness that leaves us wanting more.” – Cynthia Hathaway, Designer, Netherlands

“Hypergraphia rocks! The conservative core of the design industry is shaking in its boots as the new wave of design begins once again to be about geezas, birds, their friends and their mums.” – Jerszy Seymour, Designer, Berlin

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