The Scream Skateboard Series

Micheal Langan has made a business out of educating people about colonialism in Canada. Recently, the founder of Colonialism Skateboards, based in Regina, unveiled the seventh and latest graphic— just in time for Canada 150. Titled the Colonialism x Kent Monkman Scream Series, a set of five boards depicts Canadian Cree artist Kent Monkman’s painting, The Scream. The painting shows Indigenous children being ripped away from their parents, being forcibly taken to residential schools by the Catholic church and Mounties.

Langan, who is of Cree and Saulteaux descent, doesn’t remember exactly when he reached out to Monkman, but said snow was still on the ground. Since founding the company in 2015, Langan said he’s always coming up with ideas for the next design and was hoping to collaborate with an Indigenous artist for his latest work.

Like the company’s other board designs, the latest series will hopefully spark conversation about the residential school system and the Sixties Scoop in order to evoke a desire for people to learn more, Langan explained. The company produced 48 sets of the five-piece board and is already half sold out in only a couple of days, with many of the orders coming from the U.S. and overseas.

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