The Constantines (re-release) Packaging


“The Constantines’ 2001 debut is still a mostly unknown, untouched gem, glistening ruby red in the dim, dark recesses of your future psyche. Flawless albums come every year or two, but The Constantines was that rarest of long-players, the perfect debut. Between a corrugated cardboard facia and thin, bleeding shell, the band’s first CD was sheathed in a white paper slipcase, each of its 1,000 copies entwined with a single blue-tip match. “The cardboard was lifted from alleys and dumpsters… wherever we could find it. We cut it, stamped it, and assembled the packaging.” – Chris Ott, Pitchfork (August 21, 2003)

Designed by bass player Dallas Wehrle, the original hand-assembled packaging of The Constantines proved too laborious even for the initial run of just 1000 copies. So, when the album was re-issued for a wider release, Wehrle and Three Gut Records co-founder/art director Tyler Clark Burke came up with this jewel case compatible design. Rather than simply reproducing the old graphics, this design uses the original packaging as source material, immortalizing this rare gem. An unfolded slip-case becomes the cover graphic and a piece of the salvaged cardboard becomes the back – only the match is missing.

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