Arms of the Canadian Heraldic Authority


The shield features the maple leaf of Canada charged with a smaller shield, which indicates the heraldic responsibilities of the Authority.

The crest consists of the crowned lion resting its paw on a shield, symbolizing the fact that the Governor General is the head of the Authority and that heraldic emblems are honours flowing from the Canadian Crown.

The supporters are special heraldic beasts, half raven and half polar bear. Many First nations in Canada regard the raven as a creator or transformer, while the polar bear is known for its strength and endurance. These supporters represent the responsibility of Canada’s heralds to create symbols for a wide range of Canadian institutions and individuals. The supporters rest on an outcrop of the Canadian Shield, representing the solid foundations on which the Authority has been established.

The Latin motto can be translated as: Let those who honour their country be honoured.

Source: Granting Armorial Bearings in Canada Coats of Arms, Flags and Badges

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