Supergraphic Wallpaper


Though easy-to-apply decorative wall vinyls may be all the rage these days, back in the 70s any Canadian wanting decorative wall graphics of their own had an arduous process involving tape, paint rollers, oversize rulers and a whole lot of gumption, to look forward to. That is until Supergraphics, a home wall graphics kit described as “Professional wall graphics made easy for you to paint” and “Everything you need – just add paint!” came along.

Looking at the box graphics, it would be easy for any DIY-minded hip-to-the-zeitgeist Canadian to have visions of fantastical geometric wall adornments dance in their head. Of course, further inspection of the box contents reveals what appears to be tape, paint rollers, and an oversize ruler. Perhaps the “Optional Item: Super-Surface” is actually pre-packaged gumption?

If anyone has information on the manufacturer of this product, or better photographs of the box contents and an explanation of how this thing works, drop us a note.

(via Scott Hansen)

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