Smythe Identity

After more than 10 years of bringing a sense of occasion to everyday wardrobe essentials, design duo Christie Smythe and Andrea Lenczner felt ready for a refresh.It began with a design evolution from making only jackets, coats and blazers to full ready-to-wear, and continued with a full rework of the Smythe identity. “Working with Open, we landed on a design that stayed true to our origins but also elevated the brand,” explains Lenczner.

The latest bold move for the Toronto designers is a plunge into e-commerce. As part of this project, the agency created a beautiful film to launch the new site. “This was our way of saying ‘we’re now live’ to our followers and friends in a playful, creative way” says Christie Smythe.

“With everything we do for this this brand, we always look to capture that elegant aesthetic” says Martin Beauvais, Creative Partner at Open. “Something simple, refined and utterly Smythe.”

It’s no surprise Open is very clear about what ‘utterly Smythe’ means, having worked with the fashion label for the last five years, on everything from celebrating their 10 year anniversary, to promoting their move into pants, to details like button bags. is Smythe’s new destination for fashion, editorial and online shopping. Designed by Open, built by development partner Design Lab, powered by Shopify. is being promoted through SEO, Smythe’s social platforms and PR outreach.

When asked to describe the Smythe aesthetic, co-designers Andrea Lenczner and Christie Smythe choose words like “modern and emotional”. Since launching in 2004 with blazers and jackets, the pair have brought a unique sense of occasion to everyday wardrobe essentials and gained a cult-status following. Today their full ready-to-wear collections continue to be relevant, versatile and timeless.


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