“O Canada” was first heard on Quebec’s festive St. Jean-Baptiste Day, June 24, 1880. For generations, while “God Save the Queen” was still the national anthem, Canadians quietly, determinedly sang “O Canada” as well–in school, at hockey games and on public occasions. Finally in 1980, one hundred years after it was first sung, it was proclaimed our official anthem.

In this edition, Ted Harrison takes us on a spectacular journey across Canada. Evocative and memorable, O Canada celebrates the rich diversity of our nation.

Ted Harrison, originally from England, has become the primary interpreter of the vast north of Canada, not only for Canadians, but for international audiences as well. Harrison received the Order of Canada in 1987 and was awarded (among other awards) an Honorary Doctorate by Athabasca University in 1991.

– D. L. Krasnicki

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