Canada’s New Spirit – The Economist Magazine


“In 1995, the Wall Street Journal, pondering Canada’s economic slump, bottomless fiscal deficit and towering public debt, judged that America’s northern neighbour had become “an honorary member of the Third World”. Four years earlier, The Economist had fretted that Canada was “on the brink of bust-up”. We quoted a Canadian who compared his country’s federation to a “boring party where the guests are too polite to leave. However, when the first guest makes a move to go, the others each claim other engagements and make a quick exit.” Still a fair description? Today’s Canada is neither boring nor so exciting that it is … On September 27th, 2003, the cover of The Economist proclaimed Canada’s New Spirit to the world, with the feature story referring to our country as an “unfinished masterpiece”.

Click to find a PDF copy of The Economist article that started it all.

Source: Human Resources Professionals Association

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