A Canadian Nation Book

A Canadian Nation - By Lorne Pierce - Designed by Thoreau MacDonald - 1960

Published by The Ryerson Press in Toronto, 1960 By Lorne Pierce – Dust jacket and Hardcover illustration by Thoreau MacDonald.

This 42-page essay on Canadian nationalism by the editor of the Ryerson Press states in the foreword… “there is still no proper substitute for love of one’s country, a profound belief in its latent strength and legitimate destiny. This exalted passion in time fuses opposites, welds a world of crowding immigration, gives meaning and force to political and industrial activities, and sets the seal upon a nation’s independence, its character and separate identity. One need offer no apology for this, whatever his homeland, least of all in Canada…”

From Historical Perspectives on Canadian Publishing… “Lorne Pierce (1890-1961), editor of Ryerson Press from 1920 to 1960, was arguably English Canada’s most influential publisher in the period from Canada’s coming-of-age after the First World War to the Quiet Revolution.” Herein lies the words to inspire a passionate and patriotic loyalty and proud stewardship to a country that is well-deserving of the praise, but rarely recognized as such by it’s own citizens.


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