Nokia Phone Covers


The company wanted to capitialize on the the new age of individualization, where consumers, motivated by aesthetics would demand personal objects with strong fashion and lifestyle factors. “There is a great demand for appearance-altering accessories so that latest digital gadgets can be transformed to match outfits or to suit occasions.

Takamaki’s mission was two-fold, encourage and exploit the lucrative market of decorated products, and ultimately, to empower end-users to stand out from the crowd. Takamaki was able to do this with a new technology they pioneered, a plastic printing technique (That revolutionized packaging today) which resulted in ultra-customized consumer appliances with photo-realism graphics and a flexibility that had never been achievable before (no set up or tooling).

Two products were designed for them, a classic phone icon repeated across the surface of the mobile and a pixilated face of Alexander Graham Bell. The concepts linked the incoming digital phone age with the spirit that gave it root.

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