Parks Canada Signage

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I took these photos on vacation in August 2004. I knew that Parks Canada was rebranding and the old late Modernist-International program was being replaced with the current green on white program. These were an attempt to document and preserve the old Identification program.

Having spent many summers of my childhood in Riding Mountain National Park, the Parks Canada ID program, to me, was integral to memories of the good times I had spent there over the years. I was always enamored with the seemingly ugly colour choice that would ultimately come to grow on me over time. Unfortunately, most of the program was already on its way out. Signage was old and faded, or replaced and publications had been updated with the new beaver logo. I had wanted a picture of the old GMC Suburban and Dodge K-Car that used to be parked in front of the Ranger’s office. Both had the identification program applied to them and were drab olive-brown with yellow Helvetica lettering discreetly over the sides, but alas, they had been replaced by a Toyota Prius, and some kind of electric car. In the end, I guess that sometimes change is better for the park.

-Josh Dudych

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