Wishbone Brew Coffee Package

Wishbone Brew coffee packaging by alsoknownas1

A Concept Coffee Packaging In The Form Of A Sleek & Stylish Flask. As a personal challenge to reimagine traditional coffee packaging, Vancouver-based package and brand design studio Also Known As came up with a redesign in the form of a sleek and stylish flask. Conceptualized and assembled by hand, the ‘Wishbone Brew’ is a shiny container that features an airtight seal to ensure coffee beans remain fresh. To counter the harsh industrial nature of the material, the firm chose a “bright yet soft color palette” of pretty seafoam green and tangerine. The elegant serif typeface further softens the look, and the packaging is a throwback to the old-timey days when men carried hip flasks around under their jackets. The result is an exquisite, aesthetically pleasing product that the firm can be proud to gift to friends and clients. With its versatile design, we think it can be used to hold more than just coffee beans—beverages like water, juice and alcohol will work just as well.

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