Unibroue Inc. Beer Labels

Unibroue Labels

Incorporated in the early 90s when support for Québec Sovereignty was at it’s strongest, Unibroue Inc. (a Québec City brewery started by Belgian-born Gino Vantieghem), took an interesting approach to branding by wrapping its Belgian-style beers in French-Canadian folklore and imagery. With morbid names such as Maudite (cursed) and La Fin Du Monde (edge/end of the world), and labels featuring images of the chasse-galerie (a canoe bewitched by the devil from French-Canadian folklore), Unibroue was a bit of a hard sell in mainstream anglophone markets. In Québec and other french-speaking markets, however, the brewery (and it’s unique identity) was an instant success. Within a decade Unibroue had been so thoroughly embraced by francophones that its 2004 sale to Ontario-based Sleeman’s inspired a Québec City brewery to begin marketing a Unibroue-style beer called ‘La Militant’ to fill what many perceived to be a need in the market for a new “authentic” French-Canadian beer.

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