Steam Whistle Beer Bottle


Since it’s Friday, I’ll just keep the beer coming. I’ve been meaning to post this ever since I posted the Steam Whistle ‘Suitcase’ a few years ago.

Steam Whistle’s graphics invoke 50s nostalgia, as does the bottle itself, but it’s also a well considered, environmentally friendly design. The green colour and the form are inspired by 40s and 50s soda bottles (i was told ginger ale specifically). However, this bottle is custom made with 30% more glass, making for much more durable packaging. Apparently, one bottle can be washed and reused about twice as many times as a standard brown bottle. Since the logo is baked directly onto the bottle, there’s no need to reapply labels – no paper, no glue and no inks contaminating the water during the washing process.

Another smart aspect of the design – the thicker glass and the traditional bottle cap (which provides a better seal), make for a nice smooth opening that is a pleasure to drink from. Sure, beer tends to be a little tastier when poured in a glass, but encouraging people to drink from the bottle is a smart marketing move – totally in keeping with the attitude of the brand and it doesn’t hurt the visibility either.

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