Logo and Packaging for Unibroue

New Logo and Packaging for Unibroue by lg2 boutique

“The old logo was EPIC. Rocking some Uncial blackletter and a “U” with hops and wings all rendered in a heavy-handed gold bevel. There was so much wrong with it it could no wrong. Except that, yes, it was painfully outdated and completely out of line with today’s aesthetics. The new logo is not nearly as epic but maintains the mystic/runic vibe through much more commendable typographic work. The packaging maintains the recognizable illustrations but refines everything else around them. The names of the beers are nearly in the same typefaces as before but have shed their bevel effect and all the information on the labels is easier to red. The wrap around the neck of the bottle is probably the biggest improvement, increasing the size of the logo and creating a more striking shelf presence. The boxes and cases also look great with the big illustrations and large beer names complemented by good typography for all the information. Overall, a good evolution that keeps the original’s intent.” Via

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