Holiday Gift – Wine Bags

We’ve featured Paprika’s highly inventive holiday gifts before. Each year, the Montreal creative agency teams up with printers Transcontinental Litho Acme, to create something special for their clients, suppliers and other lucky folks (including us!).

This year’s design was a set of wine gift bags, which seems very appropriate for the gift-giving season. Each of the bags is completely unique, but creative treatment of the handles seems to be a unifying theme. Different handle configurations, lengths and colours are combined with hand drawn illustrations to produce playful compositions and visual puns (I’ve posted only a few examples here). The whole series is loaded with little details that remind us how much thought and fun went into its creation – some bags feature custom punching and hidden graphics, while the box itself has four different die-cut windows and is decorated on the interior with concept sketches of all the designs (including many that either weren’t produced or just weren’t in our set) – truly a pleasure to unwrap.

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