Conversation Starter Beer Bottle Labels


“Christian de Neuvillette had his Cyrano de Bergerac, and now thousands of tongue-tied barflies will have Molson Canadian beer labels to help them captivate the object(s) of their desire.” – USA Today

Over 250 icons were created for this campaign is to give the beer drinker a “conversation starter” on the back label of each bottle. “We’re honest about what beer is for,” ACD Bill Wright says, “It’s for breaking the ice with people in bars.” Figuring people can use all the help they can get, the campaign centers around repackaging the Canadian brew with “twin labels,” one featuring the Molson logo, the other displaying conversation provoking — messages. As the tagline being promoted through print and television suggests, the twin labels: “Let your Molson do the talking.”

According to Wright, early anecdotal evidence suggests the campaign might be as catchy as it seems. Distributors report collecting fewer empty bottles than they sell as patrons take their favorite slogans home. “It’s like a fortune cookie,” he says. “You want to order one just to see what you’ll get.” The agency is already in a second round of label writing, with the total number of variations slated to hit 140. “All we’re saying is that when you choose a beer, you say something about yourself,” says Wright.

Source: Funnel Inc.

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