Camerons Brewing Packaging

Cameron’s enlisted Toronto’s Cactus to design the first cans for its three core beers, whose look had hardly changed since they launched.

“We were a little bit serious for some consumers,” says Bill Coleman, president and co-owner of Cameron’s, of its old, wood-cut look. The new design is more energetic, aimed at 19- to 24-year-olds who don’t know the brand’s history.

The cans depict outdoor scenes that evoke camp or scout badges. The “barley man” in the logo has been modernized and incorporated into the silver top to create a common thread.

“People experimenting in craft beer tend to not remember the name of the beers they’ve tried,” says Ian Fleming, principal at Cactus. “If they do, they remember something like ‘it had a bear on it.’ An easy identifier is the way to get people to come back.”


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