Vancouver ERT Logo and Launch Ads

vancouver ert

“This was a unique project for us”, offers Subplot Design Creative Director, Matthew Clark. “The primary audience for this identity are the ERT officers themselves, both past and present. Its purpose is to stand as a “badge of honour” that directly connects them to their responsibilities, their values and their beliefs.”

The logomark is simple, strong and bold, and features two silhouetted officers revealing themselves to form the “ERT” letters. It avoids the category clichés both in ERT and SWAT teams, as well as in law enforcement generally such as crests, shields, lightning bolts, large weapons, swords and animals, focusing instead on the real strength of the ERT: the officers themselves.

As part of the launch, a poster campaign has been created to bring another level of depth to the ERT mandate, and features a series of words that both describe the ERT and feature the letters “ERT” in them. From “EXPERT” to “CERTAIN” to “LIBERTY”, the posters are an internal rallying cry, morale-booster, and a daily reminder of the role and responsibilities of the ERT.

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